Transform visual data into business value.

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Cloudview unifies, manages and stores visual data collected throughout your organisation and beyond.

Quickly, simply see and understand the connected activities that impact the effectiveness of your business.

Cloudview for Business

Adding Business value

Transform how your organisation uses, stores and accesses Visual Data.

Cloudview adding Business Value

Business features

Cloudview security alerts

Actionable events with
Instant alerts

Cloudview alerts you to act instantly, based on what you’ve identified is a threat and important to your business.

Cloudview realtime security

Realtime management
& immediate access

Securely access visual data anywhere, anytime on any device and share immediately for instant responses.

Cloudview CCTV systems

Lower costs,
higher returns

Consolidate visual data from multiple CCTV systems into the cloud and scale up without expanding current infrastructure.

Already have a CCTV
network installed?

Cloudview unlocks the value of your current network by upgrading often fragmented deployments into a centrally managed, visual data infrastructure enabling you to respond proactively and increase productivity.

Easy to deploy

Cloudview IP cameras

Supports virtually all major camera vendors

Support for Analogue and IP cameras. You can reuse any existing cameras you may already have in use.

Cloudview CCTV camera security

Manage all your cameras in one place

Whether its 1 location,10 different camera models or 1000+ cameras, consolidate everything into one interface.

Cloudview Cloud CCTV storage

Unlimited cloud storage

Ditch your on-site DVRs. All motion events stored straight to the cloud.

Safe and Secure Cloudview CCTV for business

Safe secure control
of your data

World Class Security

Giving customers peace of mind by using industry leading encryption, and ensuring visual data integrity and availability. Your data is always safe.

Scalable Enterprise Administration

User access and permissions are required for viewing, downloading, forwarding or deleting of any visual data.

GDPR compliance

For control and management, Cloudview helps your organisation be GDPR compliant.

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