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The Use of CCTV in UK Social Housing 2016

This report, based on a comprehensive online survey of a cross-section of UK social housing providers, looks at how and why CCTV is used, the limitations of existing analogue systems, data protection loopholes and concerns and the advantages of cloud-based CCTV. Some of the key points include:

• Use of CCTV – Of the housing providers covered in Cloudview’s survey, 97 per cent either already use some form of CCTV or are actively considering doing so.

• Reasons for using CCTV – Protecting their premises and buildings is seen as the most important reason for housing providers’ use of CCTV, followed by monitoring access to buildings and deterring potential criminals.

• Concerns about CCTV – Image quality is housing providers’ most pressing concern about using CCTV. Data security and compliance with the associated data protection legislation are the next most important concerns.

• CCTV image quality – As mentioned above, 99 per cent of housing providers rated the quality of CCTV images as being significantly important.

• Data protection & hacking – Almost 60 per cent of respondents are aware that their CCTV systems are vulnerable to being hacked, although many don’t know how to make their system more secure. 15 per cent of CCTV users are completely unaware of their vulnerabilities.

• Cloud-based CCTV – More than half of the respondents would consider using the cloud if it made their CCTV system safer, more reliable and easier to use.

• Internet of Things – Despite surveillance cameras being the second most internet connected device, all of the top eleven concerns about using CCTV could be solved by adopting an IoT solution.