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See the Bigger Picture

Transform CCTV footage into visual data, make it available anywhere and leverage it using state-of-the-art visual data analytics.

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Never mind the CCTV, feel the bandwidth

To understand what bandwidth is, and how much (well, actually how little) you need for Cloudview we need to do some unpicking.


A Very Short History of Data Protection

As we prepare for the GDPR, looking back at its prehistory provides some interesting insights into the influences on its focus and regulatory processes.

Case Studies

Care Protect

Why are care home managers turning their backs on a powerful and convenient way to help better protect their residents - and even improve staff loyalty?

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How Cloudview Works

Cloudview enables organisations to consolidate their visual data, making it more accessible, accountable and secure.


It’s Time to get Serious about CCTV Cyber Security

The CCTV industry has, for too long, wilfully ignored cyber security, preferring to rush products to market at any cost rather than to spend time developing secure and resilient kit. This approach is no longer sustainable.

White Papers

Is your CCTV System Secure from Cyber Attack?

Cyber-attackers can exploit weaknesses in DVR security, find vulnerable devices and hijack connections to a device’s IP address.


In Defence of Personal Data

As cameras become increasingly pervasive, and people become more privacy-literate, the data protection capabilities that cloud-based systems offer will be more important than ever.


The Rise of the Visual Internet of Things

The Visual IoT is an incredible opportunity for CCTV users to make better use of their visual data, without the pain of rip and replace.


Six Ways CCTV can Grow your Business

Use visual data to transform your business. Get it right, and the return on investment can be many multiples.


Housing Associations – Beating ASB, Getting More from CCTV

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of anti-social behaviour, you’ll not need telling what it is. Or how nasty and insidious it can be to your sense of peace and quiet either.


Threatening Behaviour

The nature of infrastructure protection provided by CCTV has to rapidly evolve to be effective against previously unthinkable threats.


Visual Data: The Secret Ingredient Smart Cities Have Been Lacking?

21st century use of urban data could lead to real breakthroughs in the way the built environment is managed and resourced.

White Papers

Watching the Watchers

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides a welcome opportunity for the CCTV industry, and its users, to tackle its negative image head-on.

White Papers

Visual IoT – Where the IoT, Cloud and Big Data Come Together

CCTV systems are primarily used to protect people and property, storing the resulting visual data on digital video recorders. Systems remain firmly rooted in surveillance and security, but the growing popularity of cloud storage is broadening their scope, adding a range of new uses while increasing protection from unauthorised access.

White Papers

CCTV – A Comparative Review

The arrival of Visual Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) presents a tremendous opportunity for dated CCTV systems to engage with the 21st century – embracing flexible cloud technologies to improve their manageability, security and reliability.


Making CCTV History

Cloudview addresses the fundamental weaknesses of traditional CCTV systems.


Cloudview and the GDPR

The six key principles of the GDPR with a brief description of how Cloudview can help regulate visual data